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Horse Rentals for Film and Photography

My Golden Trinket

aka "Trinket"


"Trinket is a 14-year old American Saddlebred mare. Her coloring is referred to as "palomino," which means her body is a golden color, and her mane and tail are pure white. Trinket has an extremely long and luxurious tail, which is perfect for fantasy or whimsical-type photoshoots. Dress her up to look like a steed straight out of a romance novel, or dress her down and she can look like a faithful cowboy's horse. Trinket is very experienced and safe for photoshoots. Even if you and your crew do not have experience with horses, "Trinket" is easy to work with and models are almost always able to get on her for bareback posing, riding her, or even standing on her back for shots! Trinket also knows how to bow. Not only is "Trinket" a fantastic horse model, but she is also an accomplished show horse.

Push Button

aka "Buttons"


"Buttons" is a 10-year old American Saddlebred Gelding. American Saddlebreds are well-known for their beautiful and elegant features. His coloring is referred to as "bay," meaning he is a deep reddish-brown color with black legs, muzzle, and mane & tail. "Buttons" is newer to modeling but is a very sweet boy and seems to be a natural. Not much phases him! He even does well shooting with other horses. Buttons will be mostly available for standing shots at this time. If your model happens to be an experienced horseman/woman then astride shots would be considered on an case-by-case basis. 

Meet Our Horses

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  • Please reference your budget (if you have one) in your e-mail.

  • Shooting the horses on a specific location will incur additional fees for their transportation.

Watch our horse, Trinket, work it in this music video!

*Disclaimer* Explicit lyrics. May not be suitable for viewers under 18 years of age.

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