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30- Minute,
Private Lesson


30 minutes of private horseback riding instruction from a credentialed, equine professional. This includes  preparation and aftercare of the animal utilized for the lesson by Erin or a GGS employee. Helmets are required (for ALL lessons), and if you do not have your own...we can supply one for you! All riders are required to sign a liability release.



60- Minute  Combo Lesson


This combination lesson includes instruction pertaining to horse care AND riding. The aspiring equestrian will learn how to groom and "tack up" their horse. Approximately 20-30 minutes spent learning to groom/tack and 30-40 minutes spent in the saddle (riding)



6 Lesson Package


When you just can't get enough!!!

SIX, 30- minute, private lessons (or THREE, 60 minute lessons) for $370. Buying as a package (instead of individually) saves you $20. Plus, you don't have to worry about payment each time you come to ride. There is no expiration date on these purchased lessons. They can be used whenever, by whomever. The package price can not be refunded, once purchased.


Refer a friend, and get $10 off your next lesson!

Write us a positive Yelp, Google or Facebook review, and get $10 off a lesson!

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